Airlie ‘Needs’ More Hotels

The Council tell us 8 and 12 Storeys is required because Airlie ‘Needs’ More Hotels: Not according to the Deloitte Access Economics Report “Queensland Tourism – Industry Outlook and Potential to 2020” (PDF)

“5.9.4 Hotel accommodation

Table 5.35 presents the number of rooms required to meet tourist numbers forecast for the Whitsundays region. A 55% occupancy rate is forecast for 2020 by the TFC, while the industry potential indicates a 70% occupancy rate will be observed.

Therefore, existing hotel infrastructure appears to be readily sufficient to meet future increases in visitor nights.

table 5.35


You can download the full report at

The Whitsundays section starts at page 88 (TFC = the Tourism Forecasting Committee)

Submissions to Council

More information about the proposed new planning scheme can be found on the councils website at:

There is a fact sheet on the above linked page that provides information about sending submissions and what the submission should include.

In order to be considered a properly made submission, the submission must:


  • Be in writing and, unless the submission is made electronically, be signed by each person who made the submission;
  • Be received during the notification period;
  • State the name and residential or business address of each person who made the submission;
  • State the grounds of the submission and the facts and circumstances relied on in support of the grounds; and
  • Be addressed to the Whitsunday Regional Council Chief Executive Officer.

Please ensure your submission is readable, particularly your name and contact details.

Submissions can be emailed to:

Deadline for submissions is 16th October. We have confirmed with the council, you can also hand deliver a submission “You are more than welcome to hand deliver your submission.  This will be taken by our Customer Service staff and delivered to our records department which will then be delivered to the Strategic Planning team for review.”


As a local rate payer, you can also contact your elected Councillors directly with your questions or concerns over this issue. Their email addresses are:

It is our understanding that 3 of the 7 Councillors are against the new plan. 4 Councillors who have historically voted together on previous issues are in favour. The plan could be accepted at the first council meeting after the deadline on 16th October. A majority vote (4 or more) is needed to approve the draft plan.


Also See:

Sample Submission Letter


Rally Photos – 3rd October 2015

#fightforairlie : Thanks to everyone to showed their support making the march stretch so far back along the beach. In spite of the timing conflicting with the Bowen Races and two Football Grand Finals, a fantastic turnout of Airlie Beach residents were ready to show the local Council that their new town plan does not have the support of the voting public. The police put the head count at 250 – 300.

View a PDF of the Speech Presented at the Rally


Survey and Community Submission Forms

Download PDF Forms:

WRC Planning Scheme 2015 Community Submission Form 3 WRC Planning Scheme 2015 Community Survey Form 3


If you signed your support last weekend (26th Sept) It’s important to sign again if it’s possible. We have been advised that multiple signatures on a form creates a petition and may not carry the same weight as a document completed individually.

It’s important that surveys are submitted to the campaign group so we can keep a record of them in the event this issue is taken to state government. We will be collecting forms at the markets on Saturday 3rd and after the protest rally at Port of Airlie.

None of the above affects your right to produce your own written submission and submit it directly to the council CEO.

Protest Rally 3rd October

Further information for those attending the protest rally:

Saturday 3rd October 1pm

Last Updated: 03/Oct/15 at 17:00

Thanks to everyone to showed their support making the march stretch so far back along the beach.

View Photos from the Rally

Meeting Point: We will meet for 1pm at the Airlie Beach lagoon, car park on broadwater avenue, walking through the lagoon area to collect supporters who may be waiting near the lifeguard chair (previous advertised location).

Exact route along the beach and across the market area will depend on numbers. Volunteer marshals wearing hi-vis jackets will be there to guide the march, (please help them as best you can.) Take care crossing the road between the beach reserve (near sailing club) to Port of Airlie – the police should be on hand to stop traffic if needed.

On arrival at Port of Airlie (vacant land) speeches and further information presented. There will be the opportunity to submit surveys or community submission forms you may have completed –  forms should be available for you to complete. It’s important that surveys are submitted to the campaign group so we can keep a record of them in the event this issue is taken to state government.

Thank-you to all those who have already donated their time and services.

Event Contact: Michelle Lynes



A stage/platform/podium at Port of Airlie


Don’t Forget:

Sun Protection & Water, there is no shade at the Port of Airlie end point
Be civil to everyone you meet no matter what their opinions.


Last Minute Contact Point:

Someone will be at the Saturday markets approx 7:30am until approx 1pm (from there moving to port of Airlie).

Sample Submission

Thanks to Clay Bauman for creating this:


To:        The Chief Executive Officer

Whitsunday Regional Council

Date: .. / .. / ….

I wish to make a submission on the Draft Whitsunday Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015, as follows:

  1. I object to the proposed heights in the draft planning scheme as I believe it is inconsistent with the community’s intent for the area.
  2. I think the prescribed outcomes are incompatible with surrounding development.
  3. This draft planning scheme fails to address the interfaces with surrounding properties.
  4. I object to potential traffic and car parking issues that are not addressed in the draft planning scheme.
  5. This draft planning scheme does not protect and enhance the natural environment.
  6. This draft plan does not include a local government infrastructure plan.

I suggest that the current design 5 storey maximum for Port of Airlie is suitable for our town.

I understand that there has been a development application made for a new 3 storey hotel on the main street and see no reason for any other street front development to be above heights laid out in the current town plan.

If a version of this draft planning scheme is to be presented to State Government for approval that it contains a maximum height of 6 storeys.

If setbacks and avoidance of a block wall streetscape are to be enforced along Shute Harbour Road and Airlie Esplanade that Airlie Creek frontage is included.

Submitter details:

Full name: … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Address: …… … … … … … … … …… … … … … … … … …… … … … … … … … …


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