Press Clippings: Sunday Mail 8th Nov 2015

Excerpt from Sunday Mail (QLD) 8th Nov 2015

The council has made a submission to the Local Government Remuneration and Discipline Tribunal, seeking a switch from a category 4 council to a category 5.

This would boost the mayor’s pay from $120,226 to $142,769, while councillors’ wages would rise from $63,870 to $82,655.

In its submission, the council argues that it is outperforming category 5 councils – and highlights its success in attracting tourists and Chinese investment.

“Currently, council is faced with Chinese investment (either committed or proposed) in the region approaching $2 billion,’’ it says.

One of those investors is Raymond Wang, who is planning a Chinatown-style development, including a hotel, apartments and luxury brands discount outlets village on land he successfully tendered to buy from the council.

The site is zoned for up to five storeys, but would increase to eight under proposed planning scheme changes.

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